History of Mass Spectrometry - Pioneers

Mass spectrometry originated from studies of cathode rays at the turn of the 20th century. It began in 1918/9 when it was developed by Francis William Aston to discover isotopes for many of the chemical elements. The field has a long and rich history over the past 100+ years and is now widely used for molecular identification and characterisation within many fields of science and medicine. The articles below bring to life some of the field's early pioneers.


"There used to be many anecdotes about the Thomson-Rutherford-Aston trio. Someone should write them down before they are forgotten."
Nobel Laureate Alan Lloyd Hodgkin, Biophysicist


"The study of the history of science is of the greatest importance to the scientific man, and ... when properly treated, a most fascinating study.
Arthur Schuster, Physicist

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Other biographies relevant to the history of mass spectrometry in Australia


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