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This laboratory was the first to demonstrate that specific protein interactions could be preserved on conventional MALDI targets during the ionisation of non-binding components providing an indirect means with which to probe protein interactions. The approach was later renamed "intensity fading" by others.

First reported in 1999, it was subsequently applied in the same year to a biological mixture in the form antigenicity studies of the influenza virus. It has since been applied to antibody interactions with gel-recovered antigens (2006, 2007) and in time-course experiments (2008) to measure the relative rates of binding. A computer algorithm (PRISM) to interpret such MALDI spectral pairs has also been developed (2007). The approach has also been applied to study the binding of anti-viral inhibitor drugs including the relative affinity of that binding (2012-today).  (see references below)




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Application with Gel-Based Antigen Separation:

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Other Protein-Antibody Studies:

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Time-Course Study:


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Protein-Drug Applications:

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Additional Relevant Articles:


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