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The following publications from this laboratory describe novel, new molecular-based, mass spectrometry approaches to detect and characterise the SARS-CoV2, influenza and other viruses, chart their evolutionary history, characterise viral antigenicity and identify new therapeutics. They offer new advantages over conventional molecular and non-molecular approaches currently employed in surveillance and responses to viruses.


Surveillance (with proteotyping)


Lanyon HE, Todd BP, Downard KM (2023) Distinguishing Common SARS-CoV2 Omicron and Recombinant Variants with High Resolution Mass Spectrometry, Analyst, 148: 6306-6314.


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Viral Antigenicity

Downard KM (2019) A Molecular Immunoproteomics Approach to Assess the Viral Antigenicity of Influenza, in Methods in Molecular Biology: Immunoproteomics: Methods and Protocols (Ed. S. Twine & K. Fulton), Second Edition, Vol. 2024, Ch. 24, pp. 353-369.


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Software (for Viral Antigenicity and Inhibitor Binding Studies)

Ho JWK, Morrissey B, Downard KM (2007) A Computer Algorithm for the Identification of Protein Interactions from the Spectra of Masses (PRISM), J. Am. Soc. Mass Spectrom., 18, 563– 566. 

Additional Reviews

Downard KM (2023) 25 Years Responding to Respiratory and Other Viruses with Mass Spectrometry, Mass Spectrom. (Tokyo), in press.


Downard KM, Morrissey B, Schwahn AB (2009) Mass Spectrometry Analysis of the Influenza Virus, Mass Spectrom. Rev. 28: 35-49.


Downard K.M. (2000) Contributions of Mass Spectrometry to Structural Immunology, J. Mass Spectrom. 35: 493-503.

Related Methodology Development (and Reviews thereof)

Downard KM (2023) 25 years Responding to Respiratory and Other Viruses with Mass Spectrometry, Mass Spectrom (Tokyo), 12:  A0136.


Downard KM (2016) Indirect Study of Non-Covalent Protein Complexes by MALDI Mass Spectrometry. Origins, Advantages and Applications of the "Intensity-Fading" Approach, Mass Spectrom. Rev. 35: 559-573.


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Kiselar JG, Downard KM (1999) Direct Identification of Protein Epitopes by Mass Spectrometry without Immobilization of Antibody and Isolation of Antibody-Peptide Complexes, Anal. Chem. 17: 1792-1801.

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